Mala Beads and Gemstone Beads Amber, Amethyst, Citrine, Onyx Jaspers, Malachite, Lapis. Labraborite. Rainbow moonstone,

-Gemstone Beads, Amber, Amethyst, Labradorite. Gem Beads From A to Z

Briolette faceted Gemstone beads and Gemstone connectors30 piece dealer assortment Gemstone Bead Deal $5 per strand
Round Mala Beads Gemstone bead Strands 14" Strands Uniformly strung avg. size 8mm (7-9mm)African Trade Beads Made in Africa by indiginous People
Agate Beads, Round, Faceted many colors and shapesApatite beads oval 6x8mm 14 " strands beautiful Natural Aqua Color
Amethyst Beads - Round, Square, Chunky, Faceted and more.Agatized Fossilized Coral Beads Ovals, Bricks,and more 16" strands
Blue Stone (Blue Gold Stone) Choose your shape and sizeBlack Onyx beads with many different cuts and shapes
Botswana Agate Beads - Square, Chunky and more 16" StrandsCitrine Beads many different cuts and shapes 16" strands
Cats eye fiber Optic Beads 16" strands lots of color choicesPurple Chalcedony - Round, Rondelle, Chips and More
Carnelian Beads - Round, Square, Chunky, Faceted and moreBlue Lace Agate Beads - Round, Square, Chunky, Faceted and more
Jasper Beads with many Faces and CutsMalachite Beads Many different cuts and Sizes
Baltic Amber beadsPicasso Marble  Beads - Round, Rondelles and more 16" strands
Hessonite Garnet faceted beads 4mm full of sparkle 14" strands
Labradorite Beads Oval, Round, Faceted , Rondelles and more
Mookaite Beads - Oval, Chunky, Faceted and more 16" strandsMoss Agate Beads Natural Translucent Mossy Look
Rose Quartz Beads Choose from Drops, Faceted, Round and MoreTiger Eye and tiger Iron Beads - Round, Square, Chunky, Faceted etc.
Fluorite - Round, Square, Chips and more 16 " StrandsGreen Aventurine Beads - Round, Square, Faceted more
Garnet Beads- Rounds, Drops, ChipsPrehnite Beads Faceted, Ovals, Chips "Tourmalated Green Silicate"
Lapis Beads Moonstone Rainbow Peach and shimmering Moonstone
Sodalite Beads- Faceted, Top Drilled, Round and MoreSnowflake Obsidian beads Round, Brick, and many more shapes
Turquoise BeadsKyanite Beads A pearly Blue
Amazonite and Aqua marine Beads  Round, Square, Rondelles 16 ' strandsCrystal/Quartz Beads and Smokey Quartz Round, Square, Chunky, Faceted and more
Fire Agate Beads - Round, Square, Chunky, Faceted and moreHematite Beads - Round, Square, Chunky, Faceted and more
Honey Opal - Barrels, Rounds Opal from PeruJade Beads Many colors and Shapes of Jade
Magnesite Turquoise Beads - Round, Square, Chunky, Faceted and moreRutilated Quartz Beads With Natural Golden Titanium Crystals
Tourmalated Quartz Beads with many shapes and sizes to chooseUnakite Beads - Round, Chunky, Faceted and more
Peridot fancy faceted beads and tube beads 4mm 14" strands premium AAA
Peruvian Blue Andean opal Heishi Beads 3x4.5mm 16" strand
SunStone BeadsLepidicrosite and Tumbled beads 16" strands
Tourmaline Faceted 3mm Premium Beads 5 colors of Tourmaline
Gold Stone Beads with Tiny Golden Sparkle Flecks
Lipidolite Faceted Beads 4mm Gemmy purples 16" Strand
Serpentine rectangle Beads 9x13mm
Fire Agate Beads Unique Snake skin designRainbow and mahogany Obsidian Beads Reds and Blacks
Denim Sapphire Beads Round, Rondelle Genuine SapphireIolite Beads Freeform, Round and Chips
Pyrite Beads  Round, Square, Faceted.Hawkeye beads 6mm round 16" strand
Multi Stone assorted Beads on a strand 16" StrandsGreen Calcite Rectangular Beads 8x8x16mm 16" Strands
Rhotochrosite Beads with a wide varitey of sizes and ShapesHowlite beads white and Turquoise color
Smokey Quartz Beads in different shapes and sizesRuby Zoisite Beads Natural stone with many shapes
Black Coral Chip Beads 16" StrandsZebra stone Also called Zebra Marble with Black Stripes
Amethyst Mala Beads 14" strands 7-8mm Uniformly strung Rounds
Tiger Eye Mala Beads 14" strands 7.5-8mm Uniformly strung Rounds