Side cutters, pliers, knotters, crimpers etc.


Smooth Jaw Hemostat
Professional Jeweler's Tool
European Quality
Comfortable Grip
Extra-Fine Tip
Smooth Jaw Hemostat USBW100
3-Step Round Nose Pliers
Flat/3-Step Round Nose Pliers


3-Step Round Nose Pliers PL48
Double Nylon Flat Pliers
These double nylon flat pliers are perfect when working with soft metals and for straightening wire.
Double Nylon Flat Pliers PL550
Split Ring Pliers
5" split ring pliers.
Split Ring Pliers PLSR5-1
Flat Nose Pliers
This style features two flat jaws which are used for gripping and holding wire and creating wider and broader angular bends, as well as flattening and straightening metal.

They are also useful for opening and closing jump rings.
Flat Nose Pliers PL656
Chain Nose Pliers
Used for wire work and jewelry making. Gives stability.
Chain Nose Pliers PL650
Round Nose Pliers
These super-fine round nose pliers are best for jewelry making and wire work.
Round Nose Pliers PL654
Bent Chain Nose Pliers
Bent Chain Nose Pliers are great for stability in jewelry making and getting into difficult places.
Bent Chain Nose Pliers PL658
Bead Crimping Pliers
This crimper is used to form smooth unobtrusive crimps.
Bead Crimping Pliers PLCRIMP
Flex Wire Cutter
Made from high-grade tool steel, this 5" cutter is ideal for cutting flex wire, in addition to thread, cotton cord, leather thong and soft wire with virtually no pinch. It is *not* intended for cutting memory wire or other hard materials which could result in scarring of the cutting edges.

Features patented shear blade by-pass and minimal outside bevel. Creates a flush cut which requires less finishing. Spring action returns the tool to its open position after cutting. The ergonomic handle grips provide both comfort and the secure grasp required for precise control.
Flex Wire Cutter PL410
Knot Cutter
This cutter is ideal for cutting thread, cotton cord, leather thong and soft wire.

**This cutter is NOT suitable for cutting memory wire, flex wire or steel wire. These may damage the cutting blades.**
Knot Cutter PL170
Side Cutter
Super-fine side cutter with spring and boxjoint construction.
Polished steel head
Double leaf spring for smooth operation
PVC Handle
Side Cutter PL651
Magical Crimp Forming Tool
This unique patented tool was created exclusively for use with 2mm crimps. Just a few easy steps will form a 2mm crimp into a more appealing round bead!
Magical Crimp Forming Tool PL950-1
Flush Cutter
Boxjoint flush cutter for wire.
Flush Cutter 94PCSD
Memory Wire Cutter
This cutter is designed for cutting memory wire and other hardened craft wire making it ideal for beaders and crafters who need to cut a variety of materials.
Memory Wire Cutter PL2193
Scissors S642
TZ1200 Thread Zapper
The TZ1200 Thread Zapper is meant to be used for sealing off the ends of thread that frays.
TZ1200 Thread Zapper TZ1200
Bead Reamer
The Bead Reamer with diamond tips enables one to clean, and if necessary, enlarge holes in ceramic, glass and other types of beads including stone. The set includes two reamers for large and small beads as well as a 45 degree point.

Both the small and the large reaming points smooth, straighten and enlarge holes in ceramic, stone or glass beads.

The 45 degree edging point will round and smooth edges so that the beads do not cut through the cord.

*Always use water as a lubricant with diamond instruments.
Bead Reamer BR500
This item is currently out of stock.
Scoop Eez
This scoop is the perfect tool for scooping and guiding small beads into storage containers.
Scoop Eez SCP1
Bent Tweezers
These tweezers have a very fine, bent tip for precision work.
Bent Tweezers TW11
Tweezers w/Scoop
These tweezers have a scoop on the end and textured points for a better grip.
Tweezers w/Scoop TWSH
Chasing Hammer
This chasing hammer is used for hardening wire as well as adding texture. It has a convex surface to avoid hard lines when pounding metal.
Chasing Hammer CH223
Mini Needle File Set
Set of 12 different files 2mm x 100mm.
Needle File Set
Set of 12 different files 3mm x 140mm.
4 Piece Plier Set
The Bead Smith, 4 piece plier set includes: Chain Nose Pliers with Cutter, Round Nose Plier, Flat Nose Plier, Side Cutter and Carrying Case.
EZ Knotter